Robert J. Naumann, Director
         Tricampus Materials
         Science Program

       Chester Alexander, Jr.
         Campus Director, UA

       Gregg J. Janowski
         Campus Director, UAB

      James K. Baird
         Campus Director, UAH




Program Details
Program Examination One. Each student must pass, within two years of entry, Program Exam One, which has three sections: Structures and Properties, Characterization and Testing, and Thermodynamics and Processing. The examination is usually given in September and/or May, depending on demand. Each student may take each section no more than twice (three times if he/she takes the exam in his/her first semester). The knowledge required for passing Program Examination One is either already part of the student's previous undergraduate experience, or else it can be acquired in core curriculum courses.

Selection of Research Advisor, Initiation of Research, and Specialization
The student selects a research advisor as soon as possible in his program, and starts the research work under the advisor's direction. The advisor and the student together appoint a Research Advisory Committee (one of whose members is a Materials Science faculty member from one of the other two campuses). The student will also take specialization courses to help him in his research specialty.

The number of formal courses required depends on the rules of the "home department." The general philosophy is to avoid overloading the student with courses, and to maximize the time available for research.

Course Work
The student must perform satisfactorily in course work, the number and scope of which depend on local University rules and the suggestions of the student's research advisory committee. 

Program Examination Two
Program Examination Two is a written set of questions specifically directed to the research specialization of the student, plus an oral examination, part of which consists of a discussion of the student's research results.

Dissertation and Final Defense
The final defense of dissertation consists of the presentation and acceptance (pending minor revisions) of the written dissertation, a formal seminar, plus oral questions put to the student by the research advisory committee.

Administration and Organization
The program crosses school and college lines at all three Universities of the System (UA: Colleges of Arts and Sciences, and Engineering; UAB: Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Engineering, and Natural Science and Mathematics; UAH: Colleges of Science, and Engineering).

The program is managed by the Tricampus Materials Science Coordinating Committee, and on each campus by the Campus Materials Science Program Committee