I got these ideas from the National SPS conference, again, so let me know if you have others!



Ideas for meetings to increase attendance!


1) Have an egg drop contest


2) Blow something up!


3) Shoot off bottle rockets on the quad


4) Have movie nights, get upper level students to explain physics of movie afterwards


5) Make ice cream with liquid N as fundraiser!


6) Get upper level students to give presentations on their internships/REUs/projects to encourage research and attract freshmen


7) Star party/camp out


8) Astronomy days, demos, planetarium trips, etc


9) Do comPADRE site evaluations; get more info from Gary White


10) Coffee hour with Department head


11) Paint ball war


12) Field trips to NASA, museums of Natural Science, any science related landmarks trips are usually well attended by undergrads and grads


          *******12.5) Attend zone meetings!

13) Get your intro teachers of physics and astronomy to give small amounts of extra credit to students for coming to meetings and maybe larger credit for joining SPS each semester.


14) Physics demos always attract a crowd


15) Go visit another chapter. Expose students to other members; look at the grad schools; promote communications. Tour their school and see local science interest sites.