Description of Karate Style
Practiced by Bama Karate

This club, affiliated with JIKC Southeast Karate, practices a Japanese style of karate called wado-ryu, a conservative "hard style" fighting art noted for its simple and aggressive use of hands and feet.

The aim of this style of karate is not to train for sport competition or for conquering other people but rather to conquer the weaknesses within one's self. In other words, the goal of training is to earn for oneself a longer, happier, peaceful, and more energetic life.

Wado-ryu karate is distinguished from other Japanese karate styles by its unique yielding nature, a form of soft energy blended with sheer, hard force in its techniques. Besides primary punching and kicking techniques, wado-ryu students learn how to use tai-sabaki, or body shifting, to neutralize or deflect an attack, thereby causing the attacker to lose balance and to become more vulnerable to a counterattack.


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