Format for Training Sessions

Training sessions are taught in a traditional manner, including learning basic fighting techniques and kata, as well as practicing in controlled sparring.

Kata are simulated fighting sequences designed to teach coordination of blocking and attacking techniques in various fighting situations.

 All beginning training sessions are noncompetitive.

Sessions are held in bare feet and without any sparring pads. You may wear comfortable sportswear that you can move in easily. Once you are certain you want to continue karate training and test for a belt, you should purchase a karate gi.

To maintain safety for everyone during training sessions, a few rules are necessary. First, to minimize potential risks when training, students are asked not to wear jewelry, especially not rings, bracelets, or earrings, or anything sharp that could get caught or tangled in clothing. Second, wristwatches should be removed for class. Third, students should not chew gum while training.

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