Campus Minister

James Goodlet



What's up y'all. My name is James Goodlet, and I'm the campus minister at the Westminster University Fellowship. I started working here in December '07, and I can tell you that this is a great place to be.

If I were to tell you why I'm here, it's pretty simple: I love being on a college campus, with all of the students and professors, the studious atmosphere and inquiring minds, and, of course, the electricity that athletic events present. College is an incredibly formative time in our lives, one in which we explore new ideas, consider where we stand, learn exciting things, and delve into what it is we believe. The idea of participating in that is, for me, an incredible opportunity and a daunting task. It is a responsibility I accept with utter enthusiasm and humility, remembering full well the formative experiences I had when studying at Furman University a few years ago.

As a campus minister, I anticipate challenging and being challenged. I look forward to speaking and, more importantly, listening. I await learning exciting new things, meeting new people, and experiencing new experiences during this, my first call.

Make no mistake about it: I wish to be as involved in the life of this university as I can possibly be. So it goes without saying that I am excited about being here and hanging out in Crimson Tide nation.

I'm over here in the Presbyterian Student Center (or, as I call it, the WUF for Westminster University Fellowship) pretty much all of the time, so if you want to come hang out, study, watch T.V., play pool/ping pong, or whatever, I'd love the company! Look forward to seeing y'all around.