What is the Psi Network?

The Psi Network is a unique social network available only to alumni and active brothers of ZBT, Psi chapter. Bringing the fraternity together will help foster our lifelong brotherhood.

Why Sign Up?

  • Keep up with upcoming events and news at ZBT.
    Sign up for the Psi Network to stay updated with the fraternity.
  • Lost touch with friends from Psi chapter?
    Use Psi Network to find old friends and re-connect. Search for brothers by name or pledge class.
  • Planning an event such as a pledge class reunion?
    Organize the event through Psi chapter and invite brothers to attend.
  • Send private messages to anyone in the network.
    Psi Network provides a home for all brothers of ZBT, Psi chapter to communicate.

Register now and help grow the Psi Network.