March 2010 e-Wave

Alabama Section of AAPT

President-Duane Pontius  dpontius@bsc.edu

President-Elect-Ali Yazdi   ayazdi@jeffstateonline.com

Section Rep-Stan Jones  stjones@bama.ua.edu

Secretary/Treas-Tommi Holsenbeck  eholsenbeck@alasu.edu

Our spring meeting at Auburn University was profitable for everyone that attended.  All physics teachers (with online access available) had a new resource and inquiry activity to use on Monday morning.  Dr. Raj Chaudhury from Auburn University’s Biggio Center led us to the TELS website (wise.berkley.edu) .  WISE is a simple yet powerful learning environment where students examine real world evidence and analyze current scientific controversies.  More about the resource and availability is on our Wiki at:


Create a wiki account at www.wikispaces.com and ask to become a member. 

After a wonderful lunch we continued with a sharing session and business meeting.

·        Nick Nicholson shared about his proposal for a Science Team at the college and university level on scholarship to reach out and influence science in young students.  Learn more at:

        http://caccphysics.cacc.cc.al.us/cacc_general/2009_2010/scipro       posalweb/Science%20Team%20Proposal%201-26-10.pdf

·        Tommi Holsenbeck showed high speed video taken by $300 cameras not $30,000 ones and also how to analyze these clips using video analysis.

·        Stan Jones shared the VPython program he uses with his Honors Physics classes.  VPython makes it easy to create navigable 3D displays and animations, even for those with limited programming experience.  Find information at:


·        Marlin Simon introduced his grant, “Online Homework for Physics Classes”.    Contact him for more information about involvement.


Business Meeting

The new president is Duane Pontius from Birmingham Southern College.  He was congratulated on wining the Alabama Professor of the Year.

And congratulations to a new member, Jeff Johnson, for winning the Siemens National AP Teacher of the Year.

The newly elected President Elect is Ali Yasdi from Jeff State.

Stan Jones, Section Representative, shared with us the advantages and assistance the Section members can get from National AAPT.

It was a wonderful day Full of Fizzicks!


Other Physics News and Links:

http://alabama-where students examine real world evidence and analyze current scientific con

Here is the success of one Section members, Dennis Shows, with middle school students and robotics.



The Big Blog Theory

David Saltzberg, physics consultant for the popular television situation-comedy “The Big Bang Theory”  which features physicists as its main characters, has a blog about a piece of the science in each episode. His content is aimed at high-school physics students.  You can find his blog, The Big Blog Theory at: http://thebigblogtheory.wordpress.com/

Feb. 11, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT (high school teachers):

       Modeling Workshops in high school physics, chemistry, and/or

physical science will be held in summer 2010 in Arizona, Alabama, Miami

FL, Chicago IL, Iowa, New Orleans LA, Maine, Michigan, Minneapolis MN, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pittsburgh PA, northern Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Dallas TX, and Wisconsin.

        Modeling Workshops will be held also in Georgia, Kansas, South

Dakota, and Washington, pending funding.

            Modeling Workshops in 11th grade biology will be held in

Pittsburgh PA and Tennessee, for teachers in Physics First/Capstone

Biology sequences.

  Visit http://modeling.asu.edu for details. Click on "Modeling

Workshops Nationwide in Summer 2010".


    Modeling Workshops are peer-led. Modeling Instruction is one of

two K-12 science programs designated by the U.S. Department of

Education as EXEMPLARY.  Stipends and/or free tuition at most sites, usually for in-state teachers.

    Ask your principal for Federal Title II-A funds; for information

>and more funding sources, see http://modeling.asu.edu/MW_nation.html


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